Voting systems in the UK

The voting systems in the UK are a complete mess.

We are told regularly that First Past the Post is vital to be retained, but in reality different systems are used for so many other scenarios that sometimes its surprising that FPTP has survived for as long as it has.

From Parliament's own website.

Whatever happened to free Wordpress themes?

This website is on Drupal, but amongst other sites that i manage, is one that has been running for over 10 years on Wordpress.

At the time I set it up, there was a vibrant community producing free (as in speech and as in beer) opensource themes and plugins.

I took one of these themes and modified aspects of it to suit my own site while crediting the original author (sub-themes weren't something that existed at that time).

Installing Redmine - my first experiences with ROR (Ruby on Rails)

Over time, I've become fairly adept at installing web apps downloaded from various sources. This site for instance runs on Drupal & I've also used Wordpress extensively. I've dabbled with quite a few others - and in most cases, the install process is fairly simple. The only common element was that they were all based on PHP / MySQL.

Something came up at work, that I thought could be easily be handled using some sort of issue tracking web app.

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