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RT : The late, great Charles Kennedy lamented that no one made the positive case for Europe. Today, that changes and I c… hours 33 min ago
RT : This is genuinely breathtaking, even from the DUP. Arlene Foster said tonight that future arrangements required the… hours 49 min ago
I imagine Set me free is one of their most commonly heard some... — 11 hours 50 min ago
Because everyone will stop working because they'll have so much money after Brexit... And the luxury… hours 51 min ago
RT : Lost by-election Lost majority Lost control of Commons business Lost humble address Lost every Commons vote Lost… hours 54 min ago
RT : This is brilliant: choose your own adventure, only instead of adventure, its the decisions real people living in de… hours 55 min ago
Didn't Khomeini die in 1989? On which basis I wouldn't be so scared of saying stuff to his face. — 12 hours 12 min ago
Nobody had done anything other than talk about the result and try and worl it ways of leaving for the last 3 years... — 12 hours 14 min ago
In a similar sort of scenario, the EU wouldn't let May have her short extension without the EU election… hours 16 min ago
I'm satisfied with Boris's performance as lea… hours 18 min ago


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