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RT : Sept, Prime Minister Graham Brady arrives in Brussels. EU: What's the plan? PM: Well, we had this amendment, maybe… hours 4 min ago
RT : I am going to spend the leadership contest thinking a) it's a shame Rory Stewart isn't doing better and b) I hope R… hours 5 min ago
People's... — 7 hours 3 min ago
Wow... Don't overdo it. I got tendinitis in the aftermath of my ultra, by doin… hours 45 min ago
I'll do an updated map later with key. I think the is a bit more new data since then. — 7 hours 46 min ago
RT : Making Brexit more about what would win support in the Conservative Party than what could win support acro… hours 13 min ago
It's this the first run since Guernsey? Well done for getting back into it qui… hours 14 min ago
It's such a shame that we had 5 years of tentative focus-grouped Ed, whose behaviour was set by advisor… hours 15 min ago
E.g. this one (the lilac was grey i.e. no data) shows 2019% turnout. South West & East Midlands seem ne… hours 24 min ago
Patrick - I've been following the analysis of this data with interest. Let me know if you think it is o… hours 28 min ago


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