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It is also interesting to note that these are workers seem to be held to higher standards… hours 37 min ago
RT : please if you have criticised.. read this.. It is not 280 characters, and you may not agree but here you go hours 38 min ago
RT : Column, on the significance of Ukip's slide to insignificance. hours 37 min ago
Can we do 10 years on photos of all the Daily Mail staff for comment by their readers? — 13 hours 43 min ago
I'm amazed how this small clique within the Tory party feel that they should have a determining day… hours 45 min ago
I don't see how about feels… hours 53 min ago
Most Brexiters are woefully out of date - hence the excitement about taking Britain… hours 54 min ago
TLDR version - no — 14 hours 15 min ago
RT : DD today: ‘we will continue our track record of meeting high standards after we leave the EU’ DD 2 years ago: ‘Brit… hours 54 min ago
There are a lot of cliff edges with Brexit (some of which we are probably yet to discover). I don't rememb… hours 11 min ago


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