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And just like Brexit, they are pretending nobody could have foreseen the problems... hours 14 min ago
Are we really meant to believe they walked miles to get there and didn't do the 6 minute walk from th… hours 28 min ago
There are people out there who will believe it's linked to turning on all the 5G networks at once... — 2 hours 33 min ago
I'm not upset about being told I eat the wrong number of Pringles per mouthful - clearly because I'm not a philosopher 😂 — 7 hours 28 min ago
I'm guessing. But it seems an odd coincidence that the amount is so close to €100m + 20% VAT. — 7 hours 37 min ago
I suspect it's a euro value plus VAT. hours 19 min ago
RT : Seagull stealing a meatball. Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. Photo: Alexander Ivanov Masteral hours 49 min ago
Peter North is a confused individual. Here's a thread I did earlier. hours 36 min ago
This is the bit I never get. While I disagree with the concept of Brexit, I struggle ev… hours 38 min ago
It's a hardly unsurprising fear. Plen… hours 44 min ago


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