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RT : London has not fallen, it has risen. Against hatred. Together. min 39 sec ago
where do i find the ugly interior design blogs you mention? Interested for a laugh at work... — 38 min 32 sec ago
they clearly learned their technique from Brexit campaigners in the UK — 40 min 12 sec ago
RT : GOP 2010: Repeal Obamacare! GOP 2013: Repeal Obamacare! GOP 2016: Repeal Obamacare! GOP 2017: We don't have a plan ready yet. — 40 min 48 sec ago
RT : Are you joining us at the Unite for Europe march this Saturday? Download your placards here: min 9 sec ago
RT : If you've been watching Fox you may have been told that London is defeated and demoralised. So I walked to work a… min 27 sec ago
RT : TOMORROW: Dacre goes cuckoo bananas; blames terrorism on Google not censoring the idea of cars hitting people. min 30 sec ago
RT : I'm on a train heading towards Westminster. No one is cowed, afraid or divided. Please stop your stupid attention s… hours 14 min ago
RT : Obama- Prays for all lives lost and families in London Trump- Prays for the 1 American The difference in a world leader & US embarrassment — 15 hours 15 min ago
RT : Love the fact that less than 24 hours after the terror attack on Parliament, MPs will be debating the Ratty's Lane… hours 59 min ago


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