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Sure there are scaffold costs etc - and the insulation may be a different spec to my example - but I j… hours 19 min ago
Even the cost of the whole development - from excavating an underground car park, all the structure, i… hours 20 min ago
Exactly - and none of it is their fault. Something seems really off with these costs though. I had a q… hours 21 min ago
The opposition party not having policies because the government might disagree & put up a counter argument doesn't… hours 16 min ago
Part of the problem with S106 is that it is so open to abuse through viability… hours 24 min ago
I think you probably have to throw some gender related slur into it to get full bingo score. — 10 hours 27 min ago
No worries. Most of it was copied from the original Daily Mail article - except my own thoughts on the final tweet. — 10 hours 30 min ago
Back to the first point though about where the family made their money. The fact that family… hours 36 min ago
The sedative Tamazepam was in his bloodstream ‘in excess of the therapeutic dose’, but his d… hours 37 min ago
In 2004 he was found dead, age 34, at his family’s stately home, Ingatestone Hall in Essex,… hours 37 min ago


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