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RT : I am almost a 100 years old, so I am know my time on this earth is short. That's why I want to spend my time left r… hours 23 min ago
RT : today in "totally idiotic controversies that come from electing a petulant child as president".... hours 30 min ago
Petzl Nao is what I use for trail runs two nights a week. — 12 hours 19 min ago
Petzl Nao is super powerful, rechargeable and adapts to how far away you are looking and… hours 57 min ago
In winter I'm black with red highlights or black with yellow highlights. Except if it's f… hours 13 sec ago
RT : In 2008, Iran tried to make the world's largest sandwich, a 1,500 metre long ostrich and chicken combo. The record… hours 2 min ago
Remember to check Amazon prices on camelcamelcamel first to check if they are really a bargain. — 13 hours 12 min ago
Want that a UKIP policy at the last election? I assumed (from that) it was to catch it secret… hours 33 min ago
Interesting reading - and some new phrases here to add to my bullshit bingo card... hours 39 min ago
Does anyone have any thoughts on the best black Friday deals for running? Thinking of Garmin GPS in particular. — 23 hours 56 min ago


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