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But... This is social media... It's officially forbidden not to claim to be an expert in whatever topic is thrown at you... — 2 hours 50 min ago
RT : Get your shit together Lib Dems and Labour. Please for the love of god don’t let us lose this because *racists* are… hours 28 min ago
RT : In all honesty how can anyone be this stupid? In leaving - they literally joined the EEC/EU hours 33 min ago
RT : Aged well. hours 8 min ago
RT : Which of us hasn't occasionally flown in a 15 man hit squad, tricked an annoying journalist into a meeting, torture… hours 53 min ago
Considering the amount of poppy Nazis, I was surprised at a local remberance parade yes… hours 59 min ago
RT : Those politicians who stand aside to get Johnson and this shoddy lot out should be celebrated, and those who do not… hours 55 min ago
RT : Labour must reciprocate. They should stand down for Caroline Lucas. Also in LibDem marginals like Richmond agains… hours 56 min ago
Agreed - the devil is in the detail with these things - but it's good to see a different approach to so… hours 11 min ago
Really? I'm struggling to believe this: "According to the latest Government figures, the Lismore Park area of Sloug… hours 45 min ago


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