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RT : Hmmm, this doesn't bode well for new parties... Chris Coghlan, the founder of centrist party , has q… hours 11 min ago
RT : School should be a place where barriers are broken down so everyone can get ahead in life. would do away w… hours 12 min ago
GPS took me down Hollow Lane in Canterbury past the house where I lived from '95 - '97. The street looks a lot smar… hours 55 min ago
RT : It's a huge trend in Japan done by everyone who is not currently injecting saline bagels in their foreheads at rapt… hours 1 min ago
Struggling to work out of this is an actual court report or PC Stephanie Maclean's fantasy script for a Carry On fi… hours 3 min ago
Flouting planning Law appears to be ok if it costs you too much to reverse the illegal work... This decision doesn'… hours 31 min ago
RT : On Question Time just now, was dead wrong to say the public voted to leave the Single Market. Poll… hours 57 min ago
This thread here: Essentially he feels it ends on Brexit day (March next year).… day 1 hour ago
David Allen Green wrote a lengthy Twitter thread on this very subject a few weeks ago. — 1 day 2 hours ago
Remember the time when UKIP tried to pretend that people like Godfrey Bloom weren't actually racist? day 7 hours ago


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