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People who have been brainwashed? — 3 hours 37 min ago
RT : I'm picturing discussion of this farrago in various EU capitals, currently considering the likelihood of no-deal: "… days 1 hour ago
The Tax Payers Alliance Seems that most of its members an tax payers and it isn't really an alliance. days 9 hours ago
RT : Totally vindicated by the Electoral Commission, is now suing the Taxpayers' Alliance who sacked him, he… days 9 hours ago
And this is our government's first attempts to prove that Britain can go it alone outside the EU... Translati… days 9 hours ago
you'll be pleased to know that my country is so poor at translation that the government can't even manage Ger… days 10 hours ago
RT : As I always say, Brexit proved that the British Constitution works only if you don't use it. — 3 days 14 hours ago
RT : Amusing but all too true analysis by JohnCrace days 18 hours ago
RT : I love to but that didn't stop me about why I think more people need to kick the habit. Cont… days 19 hours ago
Sounds like the same one. It's on a fence that only goes a short distance i… days 7 hours ago


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