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RT : ISSUES: What’s more distressing? A) That the Mail thinks drought makes potatoes ‘shrink’ B) That they’re accusing t… min 56 sec ago
I know some to avoid — 1 hour 12 min ago
This excludes things that were only partially implemented. Some of these ideas we pretty stupid… hour 14 min ago
Banning companies using interactive technology to sell to children Set up permanent military co… hour 19 min ago
Abstinence based drug rehabilitation orders HRA to be replaced by a British Bill of Rights (… hour 21 min ago
Paying off student loans of maths and science graduates who became teachers 24/7 urgent care se… hour 24 min ago
If you are going to hot the Lib Dems on tuition fees, then you need to hit the Tories on their… hour 27 min ago
Without control of the entire budget they could never make their plans work. Quite why the tuit… hour 30 min ago
It's crazy. People need to accept that they were by far the smaller partner in the coalition an… hour 31 min ago
To my mind, of their current MPs, although inexperienced in parliament, Layla Moran would manage that role will. — 1 hour 36 min ago


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