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Mark Petre: The son of the 18th Baron Petre, he was part of an aristocratic family who made… hours 52 min ago
I'm just basing some of this on how lots of people from some countries in the far East… hours 28 min ago
And it still assumes that all foreign travel is holidays, ignoring people who have been unable to… hours 33 min ago
Wondering how much healthier people are generally from mask wearing in shops, washing their hands… hours 34 min ago
The problem is that they all count getting a new phone as a new contract - even if you s… hours 38 min ago
Wow. Really struggling to understand how the works can possibly cost that much. — 15 hours 47 min ago
RT : No. The purpose of education is to give people the skills to live a fulfilling life. Human beings are not just wor… hours 10 min ago
My parents cat used to manage to lose collars so quickly. I once saw her… hours 34 min ago
RT : Yesterday I learned about one of history's great blunders, that very few in the West know about. When I say a blu… hours 1 min ago
Meanwhile in Australia... hours 24 min ago


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