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It's such a shame that we had 5 years of tentative focus-grouped Ed, whose behaviour was set by advisor… hours 35 min ago
E.g. this one (the lilac was grey i.e. no data) shows 2019% turnout. South West & East Midlands seem ne… hours 44 min ago
Patrick - I've been following the analysis of this data with interest. Let me know if you think it is o… hours 48 min ago
Progress Vote have collated it, as have some o… hours 51 min ago
There is a definite trend (with 30% of council… hours 52 min ago
RT : A reminder: in April HMG agreed, as a condition of the extension, that the Withdrawal Agreement would not be reopen… hours 7 min ago
Why does Britain hold elections on Thursdays? hours 11 min ago
That's not a plan - it's a cult — 13 hours 38 min ago
RT : The Irish Post has picked up on it: Brexit Party army veteran, 81, in milkshake row 'was acquitted of attempted mu… hours 53 min ago
RT : A Para who shares name of Yoghurt gate victim Sergeant McNaughton seems to have been involved in a bizarre and dist… hours 54 min ago


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