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Be afraid... Be very afraid... day 7 hours ago
The idea that the EU will implode on itself at any second, while at the same time that we have to get… day 12 hours ago
We are told that leaving with no deal is not a bad thing, but at the same time we are told that if th… day 12 hours ago
We are strong, outward-looking and resourceful, which is why we will make a success of Brexit. But we… day 12 hours ago
The EU is according to Brexiteers an organisation we have to leave as more interested in politics tha… day 12 hours ago
RT : If the risks of no-deal Brexit are so small why is it so important that business and government are ready? — 1 day 12 hours ago
RT : Can people PLEASE STOP trying to normalize child abuse... this is literally sociopathic, abusive behavior. Don’t co… day 12 hours ago
Britain's rail infrastructure projects don't have a great record for being on time or on budget do they... day 12 hours ago
RT : A reminder that the March for Change is tomorrow. Check the Facebook event post for full details of how to join Slo… day 13 hours ago
I worked with a vegan who said the reason was that the honey isn't surplus to what the b… day 13 hours ago


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