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RT : Video manipulation is the way of the future. And you can see how effective it is. week 3 hours ago
So Bastani was wrong... Again... week 3 hours ago
I never understand this. Drive about for a bit - even in the South East. It really isn't that crowded. — 1 week 3 hours ago
I look forward to them explaining how zero regulation port areas aren't a disaster waiting to happen. week 4 hours ago
Does anyone else find that they read IDS's tweeter handle MPIainDS as M Plain DS - and think the first bit is a sho… week 5 hours ago
RT : Oh look, the Trump administration has found a completely unsuitable, indeed repellant, ambassador to Germany week 5 hours ago
To better understand the financial crisis already ongoing in Lebanon (that has received takeover lit… week 14 hours ago
That's how social media is sometimes. A lot of the time, the more effort you put into… week 15 hours ago
Taking bollocks and blaming the establishment in one short tweet. — 1 week 15 hours ago
RT : He's deleted it now. Neither he, nor the people who value him, should be allowed to forget that in the face of huma… week 15 hours ago


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