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I heard that call when I was driving and was punching the dashboard because he was annoying me so much. — 2 years 3 months ago
RT : Forty-one-year-old Mazhar Ali, who was stabbed in a Middlesbrough restaurant on Christmas Eve, has died. Manjaros r… years 3 months ago
RT : TOMORROW: We dedicate half our front page to cheering taxpayer funded elites and the other half condemning anyone w… years 3 months ago
RT : Christmas can be really tough for some. If you’re going through a hard time, PLEASE speak to someone... Chi… years 3 months ago
RT : And the grace of our Lord be with you. And in the spirit of the cherished phrase, may we all be forgiven for our ig… years 3 months ago
Wow. Beats what I was building for my son this morning. How many pieces? And are they mostly standard or a… years 3 months ago
Concern over the fact the tax laws in the country are being fairly and equally applied to all... Someh… years 3 months ago
Hard to think of anything more festive than a line of dead frogs... years 3 months ago
Sounds like almost the same for as I run. I agree with the multiple laps problem though - that's what… years 3 months ago
Just one so far (this book). Not opened most yet though, so there may be more to come. years 3 months ago


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