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RT : Did Vote Leave commit a criminal offence? We want to force the Electoral Commission to re-open its investigation. years 4 months ago
I had a Duathlon recently, but it was a relay - so I only had to do the running part… years 4 months ago
Mount Etna - because I've been most of the way up there and it was only pleasantly warm on the… years 4 months ago
RT : RT if you knew an eyeball tattoo would leave you in pain and partially blind years 4 months ago
RT : "They want everything to be done for them." years 4 months ago
RT : "One of the most chilling things? Europeans have lost interest in us. There was concern, surprise. Now? Let them go" years 4 months ago
RT : "Florencing out" THAT EVOLVING BREXIT STRATEGY, IN FULL. years 4 months ago
RT : Brexit is reverse Gandhi: First you win, then they fight you, then they ridicule you, and eventually you are ignored. — 2 years 4 months ago
RT : My dad lives on the island. I shared the President's response with him this morning. He wanted me to share one anec… years 4 months ago
Those were good times. It's on iPlayer and well worth watching. 2 years 4 months ago


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