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Some of the music was good, some less so - but you got a sense of the love of the presenters for the music that other stations didn't have. — 2 years 4 months ago
playing different types of music that I never heard anywhere else - not what was in the charts or on mainstream radio. — 2 years 4 months ago
And was amazed just how many radio stations I could pick up there. Some signals were quite weak and drifted in and out, but nearly all were — 2 years 4 months ago
My grandmother lived just outside London. When I first had a Walkman copy with a radio in it, I used to listen in bed in the evenings — 2 years 4 months ago
At the time I was too young, too provincial and too middle class to fully get the forces behind such radio stations. — 2 years 4 months ago
Just watched Last Pirates - great documentary about the London pirate radio stations of the 1980s - and later impact years 4 months ago
It's as big as a bat... — 2 years 4 months ago
Jay Rayner has competition in the bad restaurant review stakes. However, if you call your place Flavour Bastard... years 4 months ago
I had to get something originally as part of a mandatory kit list for a 50k… years 4 months ago
Unless it's raining hard though if avoid anything other than a lightweight windproof normally. — 2 years 4 months ago


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