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RT : With the Madeleine McCann investigation being "scaled back" the still want help to find these suspects.... htt… — 3 years 10 months ago
Why are drugs illegal nowadays when this wasn't once the case? years 10 months ago
Happy Όχι day to everyone in Greece Find out more at years 10 months ago
RT : The NO by Metaxas in 1940 cost the Italians dearly; the NO by Tsipras in 2015 cost the Greeks wit https://… — 3 years 10 months ago
Pack my shirtfront, and don't forget the onions! Tony Abbott goes to Great Britain years 10 months ago
Shame we can't get refunds for the thousands spent on artificially set roaming charges in the past... years 10 months ago
Don't accept migrants - advised the migrant failed Aussie PM... 3 years 10 months ago
Do we really exist, or is everything we know a computer simulation from the future dreamed up by a bored programmer? years 10 months ago
Creating a convincing watercolour visual in just CAD & Photoshop. Watch the video about how he uses brushes years 10 months ago
RT : CUNT: Non-dom tax exile Andrew Lloyd Webber flies from New York to vote for cuts to tax credits; confirms plans to claim co… — 3 years 10 months ago


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