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Not books as such but a podcast - a lot of the episodes tie in to books though. It's called The Trail… years 1 week ago
Stealing the Mona Lisa by Darian Leader. Tells the story as per the title - but explores how the pain… years 1 week ago
The Adversary by Emmanuel Carrère. It's a story unraveled of a man in France who murdered his family… years 1 week ago
1 week until we are in Greece! Daniel is super excited - mainly because he likes the cats there and he has friends… years 1 week ago
RT : Don’t worry folks - for decades Vote Leave had a ‘detailed plan’ that was also simple — leave the Single Market and… years 1 week ago
RT : Warning of the costs of : Govt's impact assessment The Chancellor HM Revenue and Customs Trades Union Con… years 1 week ago
If I ever feel like I look old I always get comfort from the fact Nick Timothy is 5 years younger.… years 1 week ago
Or because a PM chose not to listen to any other opinions except from these clowns — 2 years 1 week ago
RT : Compared with last year England’s schools have 137,000 MORE pupils but: 😱5,400 FEWER teachers 😱2,800 FEWER teachi… years 1 week ago
RT : this is truly incredible years 1 week ago


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