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RT : We bought it without seeing it, we don't know how much it will cost and the renovators have never done this before.… years 4 months ago
It's it a general Health & Safety regs that weren't around when I was young = nanny state Daily Mail viewp… years 4 months ago
I used to joke about people much older than Boris stuck in colonial era. Sad to see so many younger To… years 4 months ago
RT : All true Canadians know there is only one proper use of the new 280 character limit on Twitter. | Tous les vrais C… years 4 months ago
RT : Thanks years 4 months ago
You'd end up with a big digital clock sponsored by Capita or Virgin at the top probably though. People can… years 4 months ago
RT : Flint. Puerto Rico. What good is being the most powerful nation in the world if we can't even get clean water to American citizens?? — 2 years 4 months ago
What was the Sunday suppers first attempt? I want it to be something really prosaic - but I'll be disappointed. — 2 years 4 months ago
Fascinating data driven documentary on the number that died in WW2 vs before / since. A warning against nationalism? years 4 months ago
If you read the New Yorker article on a Thomas the Tank Engine, Shed 17 gives further insight into its bleak origins years 4 months ago


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