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I challenge anyone to listen to the podcasts by on and not to be simultaneousl… years 1 week ago
I really struggle with Corbyn's fans. They are convinced that you have to accept every last aspect o… years 1 week ago
RT : They're never serious but they're always serious. The new style of perma-sarcasm is utterly cowardly. years 1 week ago
RT : David Davis is meant to be handling the most important negotiations this country has faced in decades. Is he really… years 1 week ago
RT : The darker side to that you didn't think about, until NOW 😱😱 It's our Comment of The Week from… years 1 week ago
Stock responses to a stock story with a stock photo of stocks. Also - WTF? Is this really within the scope of what… years 1 week ago
Brilliant take on Hamilton and UKIP by An Infowars starlet, a former Breitbarter, an anti-feminist vlog… years 1 week ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger on Trump: "It is foolish to bring back laughable, outdated technology to suit your political… years 1 week ago
Good luck. I'm sure you'll be great at it. — 2 years 1 week ago
Handy to know before you book your holidays....... — 2 years 1 week ago


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