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RT : "Draft" with a "r". years 11 months ago
UK's main opposition will give no meaningful objection to Brexit, Leaving 48% represented by only minor parties :-( years 11 months ago
Japan gets the award for doing fastest road repairs. Meanwhile my local council spends months telling traffic lights years 11 months ago
Oh FFS... Can we just get rid of the hat bake man's castle? I though it got demolished last summer... years 11 months ago
The story of the Churchill bust(s) inside the Whitehouse is more complex than Farrage / BoJo would have you believe years 11 months ago
Nothing days anti establishment like two white middle aged men in a gold plated elevator of a new York skyscraper... years 11 months ago
9 full or partial u-turns on Trumo campaign statements so far. We really are in an era of post truth politics :-( years 11 months ago
The fact US primaries nominated Hilary & rejected Sanders suggests current system badly lets down non-party members years 11 months ago
At first glance Universal Basic Income sounds crazy. But the more you look into it, the more it makes sense years 11 months ago
shouldn't that be "Double plus Brexit" in New Speak? — 2 years 11 months ago


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