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How to make a hit movie trailer: years 4 months ago
In today's non news story that'll disappoint crypto-zoologists, the Hampstead big cat turns out to be a big cat 🐈 years 4 months ago
Depends how bad the cold is... I sometimes find it clears my head. If it's bad I wouldn't go though. — 2 years 4 months ago
RT : It seems like a lot of adults who reference 1984 in arguments completely forget the real themes of the book, or never even understood them. — 2 years 5 months ago
Ok. Apologies - I was misinformed on that one. I was told it was only… years 5 months ago
I did my first 50k, then got a PB in a half marathon the following week. A bigger gap betw… years 5 months ago
RT : The World's Countries Swapped According to Their Population — years 5 months ago
Black cabs are not squeaky clean and lack of visible photo ID regulations for drivers… years 5 months ago
What about those who thought they were right to take it away from Uber, but that they… years 5 months ago
RT : [Thread] People saying is a warning about life after : you are right. Let me explain. /1 — 2 years 5 months ago


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