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RT : This thread! years 1 week ago
RT : The Acropolis Museum in Athens will soon have a new level, as excavations in the building’s foundations are opened… years 1 week ago
Because global trade now and the way companies operate is still exactly the same as it was in 1973? — 2 years 1 week ago
To an outsider we really must look like a bunch of indecisive hypocritical arse holes... — 2 years 1 week ago
RT : Prequel: 1985 UK: let's complete the Single Market with four indivisible freedoms EU: really? UK: yes! EU: OK! 19… years 1 week ago
There were people in the street interviewed in Radio 4 news yesterday who were convinced he was doin… years 1 week ago
RT : THE most brutal assessment of by the US embassy in London - the economy is gonna tank - the Britis… years 1 week ago
This doesn't mean the end of things. The fight to stop a destructive Brexiters is just beginning.… years 1 week ago
RT : The EU (Withdrawal) bill has become law today. It will be interesting to see now what sort of attempts are made to… years 1 week ago
RT : Boris's Cock & Kabul story! The new Private Eye is on its way now... years 1 week ago


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