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Same reason as any other style I guess. It was the hi-tech architecture o… day 21 hours ago
I've assumed it most be the name of a bar in Westminster... — 1 day 21 hours ago
RT : Right then Brits what do you want a racist, a compulsive liar, or an economic disaster? Me on the impossibility of… day 21 hours ago
Vote Allan Partridge! day 21 hours ago
Meanwhile he posts personal tweets himself... day 21 hours ago
🙄😂 — 1 day 22 hours ago
Loved this short film about Slough, walking and the future by days 6 hours ago
RT : Once a tense frontier crossing in the no-man's land of mutually assured destruction, now an essential stop on the s… days 14 hours ago
RT : Thanks for asking Abby, tachycardia may be physiological, to compensate for a low blood volume, or an adrenergic re… days 14 hours ago
RT : I miss the days when Alan Partridge was merely a work of fiction. days 14 hours ago


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