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This 100 million EUR number occurs quite a a bit in UK law it seems: hours 25 min ago
That definition (the old annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million) threshold to be an SME seems to a… hours 33 min ago
If you search for the old values (which were in original acts and have since been updated) then it crops… hours 37 min ago
Seems it's a common part of the definition of Small to Medium Enterprises In Article 2(1) of the Annex,… hours 40 min ago
Interestingly, HMRC in the UK quotes this threshold sometimes. Could they be hoping to apply for R&D tax… hours 50 min ago
Now it's a matter of finding what that threshold applies to. Because it's a round number it crops up qui… hours 51 min ago
£108m = €119.2m < €100m + 20% UK VAT. My guess is that somewhere there's a €100m… hours 57 min ago
£108m = €119.2m < €100m + 20% UK VAT. My guess is that somewhere there's a €100m threshold that attracts… hours 57 min ago
And more shockingly, the mother soars to show zero remorse and it seems that she would happily do the same again. hours 13 min ago
You didn't observe the last 5 years? They never got it. The… hours 15 min ago


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