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Slough Labour. RBWM could just make Lib Dem. — 17 hours 16 min ago
RT : EU28: How would the EU Parliament look like based on what polls and exit polls say? We already updated our projecti… hours 21 min ago
RT : Brilliant hours 24 min ago
May's deal was never remotely soft Brexit according to the definite that the press used 2 years ago. — 17 hours 27 min ago
That was the line that a few have at the time. The problem was, it required support and t… hours 28 min ago
See Jess Phillips comments on him on Ha… hours 32 min ago
Data is showing that everywhere that was over 47% remain in 2016 had highe… hours 34 min ago
Earlier I applied the list of overall turnout on a map. No data year from Scotland, York's… hours 49 min ago
Compared to the early results, i'd say it is much stronger now - before it looked like it c… hours 52 min ago
The biggest mistake was to assume the 52% were and always would be 52%. — 17 hours 57 min ago


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