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RT : BREAKING: We're much better than the rest of the world says man that wanted to shoot Spanish ships with paintball g… day 5 hours ago
RT : RT this, follow and tag a buddy to be in our 9pm Thurs 3 December draw for your chance to… day 6 hours ago
1 day 6 hours ago
It will be like when the gilets jaunes were blocking the port - only all the time... — 1 day 6 hours ago
The relatively lengthy period before symptoms show make it harder to tell the source too - you are giv… day 7 hours ago
At the time I read a document losing examples of some of the ways that has been traced as the source o… day 7 hours ago
Yeah. Particularly in his line of work. Far more likely to get it from dropped needles, doing first ai… day 7 hours ago
It survives outside the body for around 24 hrs - some studies indicate that about 30% of cases they ca… day 8 hours ago
Yeah. I was warned about it years ago during a first aid course - the guy who ran it was a fire fighte… day 8 hours ago
RT : 🤣 day 9 hours ago


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