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I long for the times not that long ago, when the word traitor was not used every time there was a m… week 1 day ago
Emphasis on the meaner — 1 week 1 day ago
RT : When Tory Brexiters talk about a post Brexit Britain that is light on regulation and with lower overheads, what do… week 1 day ago
RT : A small tribute to the Pink Floyd. week 1 day ago
RT : TOMORROW: The Right have won. The Left are scrambling around in their own filth. All hail the Donald. We welcome ou… week 1 day ago
RT : 1927 Paramount Studio map of potential filming locations in California that best depict international regions week 1 day ago
RT : I like this one from 2017 where they use a composite benchmark to model the… week 1 day ago
RT : In 1951, Bertrand Russel took to the to argue that the best answer to fanaticism was a calm search for tru… week 1 day ago
Based on a true story....... week 1 day ago
RT : Why rallies FOR Trump are held in buildings, but the ones AGAINST Trump have to be held outside: week 1 day ago


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