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Sitting in a hospital overhearing the doctors taking about how you might need an emergency liver trans… day 10 hours ago
I was in hospital for 3 weeks in 2014 with Hep B (which I have no idea how I caught - but it was most… day 10 hours ago
In the area for old seating in an unit corner of Chennai Airport - while going the guy who took my pas… day 10 hours ago
You sing the squirrel song day 22 hours ago
I was fortunate. I barely ever take my phone on mid week runs - I just checked the weather and had a fee… day 23 hours ago
Weird. I started using it for the first time yesterday (it suggested threshold run with a 5 minute r… day 23 hours ago
The red bull one was still going this year. — 1 day 23 hours ago
I'm not big on races, but I watched a clip about Red Bull Wings for Life and thought… day 23 hours ago
Something many campaigners in UK politics could learn from. day 23 hours ago
And we can't even see the new shoes in any of the pics — 2 days 8 min ago


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