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RT : Exclusive: Secret Brexit agreements cover No Deal “open border” plan to not enforce customs checks at UK border — 1 day 22 hours ago
RT : In response to our investigation on government plans for the border 34 MPs have signed a letter to the PM d… day 22 hours ago
Good luck. Enjoy the sunshine while we watch the snow here...… days 2 hours ago
It really is astounding that despite the utter incompetence of May's government, Corbyn still bounc… days 6 hours ago
The lack of non UKIP MEPs on question time (with the exception of Hannan) is appalling IMHO,… days 6 hours ago
My company were told by a member of staff at a clients company (who was Polish and had lived in th… days 6 hours ago
Magic? witchcraft? Voodoo? ESP? Your right - the people advocating such a system are living o… days 9 hours ago
But how will we possibly manage to pull that audacious plan off... — 2 days 10 hours ago
De Beers... OPEC... Or are big cartels different? — 2 days 10 hours ago
I have a feeling the government is already aware of them... — 2 days 10 hours ago


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