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Stuff like this might be different if it came from the people rather than from corporations. Or if it was… days 8 hours ago
It's not just my garden that has this problem then... days 9 hours ago
Whatever happened to the Notre Dame reconstruction philanthropists promises? days 10 hours ago
RT : A Toblerone chocolate bar perfectly lined up with Mount Toblerone in Switzerland. Also, I guess by now you know of… days 18 hours ago
RT : Zoo lions beating the heat wave with frozen blood, known as bloodsicles days 18 hours ago
If you set your aspirations low enough you'll always remain happy... — 3 days 18 hours ago
It used to be the French farmers burning sheep at road blocka… days 23 hours ago
Wow! Amazing things I didn't know until today - There are archaeology dogs, who can detect human bone fragments und… days 45 min ago
Monumental bellend David Vance discovers Notting Hill carnival and imagines he's found something new... days 1 hour ago
Stone, not soon... — 4 days 4 hours ago


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