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BT infinity install today - finally we'll be able to watch online movies in hd and without lots of pauses & stutters :-) — 7 years 12 months ago
no money will ever be enough for people who consistently live beyond their means. Plain & simple, and that has always been the same — 7 years 12 months ago
wtf — 7 years 12 months ago
Having pizza while I'm waiting for paint to dry — 8 years 7 hours ago
I hope they do follow it - so that they realise that GM crops aren't the best thing out there... — 8 years 7 hours ago
Have a look at the article I favourited earlier today about different backup apps for android phones — 8 years 9 hours ago
backup apps are your friend. What type of phone is it? — 8 years 12 hours ago
zombie cat? — 8 years 20 hours ago
Why should Margaret Thatcher get an (almost) state funeral, attended by the Queen, when Clement Attlee didn't? years 2 days ago
Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher - more thoughtful & interesting than I expected it to be years 3 days ago


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