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Never tried it. I always get small bits of grit in my shoes on trails and… day 23 hours ago
A litre of water with a Hi-5 Zero tablet in. Works well for registration i… day 23 hours ago
Had a great slow run along the canal at sunrise. Not as chilly as I expect… day 23 hours ago
In a functioning democracy, people like a state level voting system implementation manager ought to… day 23 hours ago
But also, look at the state of the comments on the original post. People claiming that you can't trust this guy as… days 4 min ago
Wow days 7 min ago
I don't usually take my phone on mid week runs. Decided to today just in case there was a good sunrise. days 31 min ago
Just imagine if we'd gone for the government's original herd immunity plan - how utterly futile that would seem now. — 2 days 51 min ago
I put them on if there's frost on the ground. Wore them today and realised the… days 58 min ago
I got annoyed the first few times I got that message. I tend to ignore it now - I run a bit based on… days 1 hour ago


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