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RT : Brexit is a crap idea, sold to the credulous, angry & disappointed by spivs, chancers & over-promoted pantomime tof… days 3 hours ago
RT : Unmissable! FFS! ⚠️ DO NOT trust this Tory Gov’t! Carole giving evidence calling out BoJo & Cummings as the archi… days 3 hours ago
RT : This, by , is such an important reminder of how the meaning of Brexit - according to Brexiters - shifted… days 3 hours ago
RT : If, for a moment, I may be a serious political analyst, for Labour to campaign against Caroline Lucas in Brighton P… days 3 hours ago
RT : We’re going to need a bigger kitchen table for this campaign! for days 3 hours ago
RT : NEW: another day, another disaster for Nigel Farage as his candidate in Brighton is revealed as an Gestapo-style un… days 3 hours ago
Johnson Dicking... There's a subliminal message hidden in there somewhere if only I could spot it. — 3 days 5 hours ago
RT : Webdevs: I've never thought "hey, I wish that autoplay video I never wanted shrank and followed me in the sidebar!"… days 17 hours ago
Needs this music... days 20 hours ago
I tried to get the building listed, but Historic England only listed the war memorial on the site. — 4 days 1 hour ago


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