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RT : Absolutely delighted that finally architects are looking to unionise. This is a profession often blighted by low pa… days 1 hour ago
What a weirdo... — 4 days 2 hours ago
Seriously. The guy looks like a total weirdo... days 2 hours ago
Shows how the way you divide up the country could make a massive difference to which party ends up runnin… days 2 hours ago
RT : Some rather sad but truthful thoughts on the departure of ⁦ days 4 hours ago
I've read in the past (when Reading was all blue) that the East west split give it very different results… days 4 hours ago
RT : Public school educated multi millionaire from Southern England seen as the ideal person to represent the concerns o… days 6 hours ago
People who can't be bothered to read a tweet, but then claim to have read manifestos, impact assessments and more... — 4 days 6 hours ago
The real story is one of avoiding taking about Brexit. A general election was never… days 7 hours ago
Also, can you not admit that the Lib Dems were a junior coalition partner, not leading the… days 8 hours ago


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