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How about just generally being a "businessman" — 4 days 8 hours ago
Arron Banks owned by a pigeon... days 14 hours ago
RT : If only she had been given an opportunity to vote to leave the EU. days 5 hours ago
The potential for escalating disputes with neighbours in this way is pretty terrifying. days 9 hours ago
My answer to Boris Johnson stated in a 2007 essay that "the first printing press was not seen in Istanbul until the… days 9 hours ago
It's not really all down to spiritual enlightenment through meditation if you also use a giant wind turbine to help… days 10 hours ago
Soon to be replaced by the Fat Controller... days 11 hours ago
Has he interviewed Tom Abraham? days 13 hours ago
He's not wrong. days 13 hours ago
RT : Worst (illegitimate) President ever! Racist Conman 💩 days 21 hours ago


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