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RT : Just doin' some history here. Calling people of color Communists was really popular once upon a time in America. G… days 22 hours ago
And I thought the level of political debate in the UK was poor... days 22 hours ago
Don't worry - for many Brits, their list begins and ends at Churchill. — 5 days 23 hours ago
Finally someone involved with the running of the British Museum realises that it is time to speak out strongly abou… days 1 hour ago
That moment when you realise that the neo-nazis aren't as harmless as they first seemed... days 2 hours ago
She was known enough among computer scientists though that a programming language created… days 5 hours ago
RT : Well done Private Eye Now, ask yourself why every newspaper / TV station hasn't done the same? days 5 hours ago
RT : Really pleased that amendment to remove sunset clause from the Holocaust (Stolen Art) Restitution Bill has gained r… days 9 hours ago
No longer is Bull Wharf only famous for featuring in the 1985 Bulletin, framed on the office wall... — 6 days 11 hours ago
I see that a project from the office I once worked at has become the backdrop to the latest Extinction Rebellion pr… days 11 hours ago


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