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RT : It’s basically like the guy who has queued for 48 hours to pay over the odds for the first new iPhone, claiming he… days 3 hours ago
Sitting in a hospital overhearing the doctors taking about how you might need an emerg… days 5 hours ago
I was in hospital for 3 weeks in 2014 with Hep B (which I have no idea how I caught -… days 5 hours ago
RT : Yes, absolutely the worst thing that has ever happened in Derry days 5 hours ago
I just envisage a fabric ant days 6 hours ago
RT : A reminder that the latest lockdown in England has ended. is now subject to Tier 3 Very High A… days 6 hours ago
Amazing morning to be out early for a . Dedicated to to celebrate her 1,000 day run streak! days 7 hours ago
Not that chilly here - I had to take off my windproof after a few minutes. The canal like amazing in the… days 7 hours ago
Does anti-vaxers understanding of Thalidomide extend beyond "there was once a medicine and it has some really bad s… days 7 hours ago
Run slow and keep increasing the mileage. Speed will return later. — 2 days 7 hours ago


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