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She's one (of many in this current government) who baffle me in terms of the meaningless dri… week 6 days ago
RT : Who'd have thought that Brexiters, who wanted to quit something because it wasn't going their way, would start to q… week 6 days ago
Looking at their staff turnover, perhaps it's time to oversee this by creating a department for exiting the departm… week 6 days ago
RT : Stand by this late night tweet. Always said that it would take something exceptional/unforeseen for someone to try… week 6 days ago
They were looking for an excuse to do so for a while now IMHO. — 1 week 6 days ago
RT : I am now minded to think we may have made too much of Miliband's second kitchen. — 1 week 6 days ago
Waiting for the encore of "Come on Arlene" week 6 days ago
RT : Government resignations since autumn: 1 November 2017 - Fallon 8 November 2017 - Patel 20 December 2017 - Green 29… week 6 days ago
She is truly the intellectual glue that binds the government together week 6 days ago
Are there any other examples of a full blown ministry with a sole finite task attached? It's like… week 6 days ago


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