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RT : One of the many reasons our Brexit negotiations are so bad, is because we have treated it as if we were buying a se… days 12 hours ago
RT : 📺 Tune in to tonight! A new documentary all about parkrun will be broadcast at 7:30pm 📽️ Dame Kelly: The… days 14 hours ago
RT : I recently wrote about how people with tech skills can find fascinating problems to work on in global health and de… days 17 hours ago
RT : This map is a clever new way of displaying data about the Ottoman Empire. It shows how man years areas in the Weste… week 2 hours ago
unroll — 1 week 8 hours ago week 8 hours ago
Surely after reading the article, I came across a thread obsessing about a temple like building on Epstein's Caribb… week 8 hours ago
RT : 🇪🇺 Happy Bastille Day, 🇫🇷 France! Bon 14 juillet! France was one of the six founding countries of the European Econ… week 12 hours ago
Betteridge's law of headlines does not apply here. week 12 hours ago
I've just found out about QAnon and it makes my head hurt. week 13 hours ago


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