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If only Labour would play ball on this exercise, they might all play ball better. — 4 days 13 hours ago
Let's demonise education... 🙄 days 14 hours ago
RT : Former Tory cabinet minister Justine Greening says don’t vote Tory. Former Labour Minister Ian Austin says don’t vo… days 14 hours ago
RT : One more thing... I'm less interested in who should be Labour deputy leader than who should be shadow culture secre… days 17 hours ago
RT : Unite to Remain spoiler 💥 It includes Oxford West and Abingdon. Thank you to ⁦⁩. We did it in 2017. With… days 19 hours ago
If in doubt, blame the Jews for your misfortune 🙄 days 19 hours ago
Sorry to hear this. He's recurved so much unnecessary abuse, merely for being the same person he always w… days 2 hours ago
Err... Meanwhile they are just innocent little kittens who have never criticised Labour? WTAF? — 5 days 2 hours ago
Agreed. I may support a different party, but he's long been a figure that I've respected. — 5 days 3 hours ago
Keep up the good work. Your a good MP and seem to have recurved far more than your fair share of undese… days 3 hours ago


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