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Most of 2020 so far wasn't on my 2020 bingo card TBH. — 2 days 14 hours ago
He knows angels are male right? — 2 days 14 hours ago
RT : I’ve spoken to regulars Chris and Jimmy. Jimmy hasn’t gone to bed after his night shift tarmacking the roads. He ha… days 14 hours ago
RT : I’ve just successfully recreated a trip to Wetherspoons by boiling a fry up in my kettle, farting into a can of Car… days 14 hours ago
The thing is, this disproves the idea that he can't read - otherwise how would he have come up wit… days 14 hours ago
RT : Ulysses S. Grant fail again days 14 hours ago
I thought in the US table service was compulsory - so they were already ahead of us on the social d… days 14 hours ago
RT : “I don’t believe in gestures”, says . Well, not anti-racism gestures anyway. days 15 hours ago
But admitted in an interview that he doesn't like beer and tends to drink wine, but holds… days 16 hours ago
Are you implying that you can only manage to go to the pub and then have a normal day the next day i… days 17 hours ago


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