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Agreed. And in the end of the day, on ultras, finishing is more important than the ti… days 3 hours ago
Search Sir Norman Fry on YouTube. His excuses were a regular feature of Little Britain. days 4 hours ago
Sounds like something from Sir Norman Fry (link in the next tweet). days 4 hours ago
Presumably he only loves it because if the fact it was once the nearest place to school that he coul… days 4 hours ago
Boris Johnson "loves Slough" apparently. Presumably only from the fact it was once the nearest place to school that… days 4 hours ago
The real problem is a much wider strategic one of why the country is so focused o… days 5 hours ago
But some sort of solution needs to be found other than just forcing all developme… days 5 hours ago
This is a problem for most places in the greenbelt too. I'm not certain what the… days 5 hours ago
These targets pretty much mandate that al most all the new properties will be fla… days 5 hours ago
Meanwhile, Slough is given vastly higher targets for new home building (15,000 ov… days 5 hours ago


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